OOAKI, or One Of A Kind (Ish), is based on the simple idea that hand-made stuff is the best stuff. I don’t want to look like a generic store-clothed mannequin, so why should you?

I want to fill people with joy and be proud of what they wear. I want to make and provide you with hand-made, original and unique shirts and other cool stuff designed by me or other neat artists, illustrators and designers.

The shirts are mostly unisex and the designs are hand-printed. Every shirt is both one of a kind, and at the same time not really. Perfect for all y’all snowflakes out there!

New designs will appear regularly, so be sure to follow OOAKI on instagram or subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to hear when a new product drops.

Sustainability is a big thing, that’s why the shirts are printed on bio-cotton shirts made by Stanley/Stella.


Mart (the dork on the left)