The first collab could not be with anyone else but my good friend Mattia. I met him back in 2016 when we were both illustrators for an online magazine. Our passion for no-nonsence illustrating and mutual down-to-earthness is the glue that holds our friendship together (along with all other kinds of friendship-related stuff).

He’s a talented and very prolific (and I mean VERY, the dude churns out drawings like his life depends on it) artist. His self-proclaimed master piece is called ‘Lonesome George‘, a piece about the last tortoise in the Pinta-subspecies on the Galapagos Islands. Since his death in 2012 (RIP big boi). George has become a symbol for the preservation of species.

Lonesome George

The original imge is huge and is comprised of 10 A4 sized drawings.

Look at that crazy detail on the neck

The fact that not a lot of people knew about this fucking gem of a piece was reason enough to turn this epic piece into a shirt. Luckily Mattia was more than happy to join and help out on printing day!


It’s always fun to shoot the shit with this guy


There’s so much more to say about this man or his design or the reason he made it, but this can also be gleaned from his instagram or from looking at, and buying the shirt and receiving an extra mini-art-card. You can do so here!


Now go on and buy and enjoy your shirt!