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Butterfly World


3-layer screenprint: White, gold, blue

Limited edition print run of 24

Print-date: 22 may 2020

Watch story #4 on instagram to see how this shirt was made

Note to North-Americans. The sizes noted here are European. The manufacturer notes US-sizes are actually one size smaller than indicated here. View the size chart below for actual measurements (in CM).


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In 1909 the English-American Cartographer Bernard Joseph Stanislaus Cahill came up with his octahedral “Butterfly Map” when he proposed this world-projection in the The Scottish Geographical Magazine as “An Account of a New Land Map of the World”.

His Butterfly World Map¬†enabled all continents to be uninterrupted, and with reasonable fidelity to a globe. Cahill demonstrated this principle by also inventing a rubber-ball globe which could be flattened under a pane of glass in the “butterfly” form, then return to its ball shape.

If this way of looking at the world doesn’t blow your mind then gtfo of my face.

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L, M, S, XL


Green, Sand


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