I’m SO STOKED for this design. Read the full story and all possibilities for ordering in the description below!

Edition of …. UNLIMITED

First shirts printed 23 august 2020.

Watch story #8 on instagram to see why and how this shirt was made.

Note to North-Americans. The sizes noted here are European. The manufacturer notes US-sizes are actually one size smaller than indicated here. View the size chart below for actual measurements (in CM). 

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I’ve always liked the idea of using stamps to create wild patterns. This also allows me to use different colors for the prints on different color shirt. The result: a series of truly unique shirts.

So the original idea was to make a ridiculous shirt with two things on the opposite end of the cute/deadly spectrum: Kittens and Glocks. But seeing as the stamp idea allows me the freedom to just go batshit insane, I’ve decided to not limit myself to one proprietary gun and dub this shirt “CATS’n’GATS”.

And do you want to know the best part about this idea? I can make shirts totally custom using the stamps I got and will create. This allows you, *insert angelic chorus* the customer, to either pick a pre-made one, or ask for a completely unique shirt. For example:

  • want a pink shirt size S with nothing but happy cats: MEOW! Consider y’self smitten with a kitten
  • want a blue shirt size L with nothing but deadly gats: KAPLOW! Consider your ass got
  • Want both? CHA-PLUEY and you’re looking down the barrel of a ten-week-old little furball
  • Want to pick which color cat or gat you went, let a brother know

How do you order such shirt? Select ‘Custom’ and a size and contact me through my site HERE or through instagram HERE and we’ll work it out. Check the gallery to see which cats and which gats are available! The custom shirts are a bit more expensive though!


Weight 0,2 kg

Black, Burgundy, CUSTOM (see description), Green, Pink, White




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