United we stand


“United we stand”

Edition of 16. Print date: 24 june 2020

All proceeds will go to The Black Archives. For more info, see below

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Note to North-Americans. The sizes noted here are European. The manufacturer notes US-sizes are actually one size smaller than indicated here. View the size chart below for actual measurements (in CM). 

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After the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis PD a worldwide backlash against police brutality and systemic racism ensued. Apart from standing up to racism whenever I encounter it I also wanted to do my part in another way.

As a historian and archivist I truly believe in the power of having a (shared) history. Unfortunately, history has been kept and written mostly by… people just like me: male and white. This means that only now are we seeing different perspectives be included in history. Perspectives that were always there already, but never talked about.

I want to help black voices and black history (and that of other minorities as well) become more a part of our/my shared culture. I want to make sure these voices are recorded and kept.

Therefore, all proceeds of the sale of this shirt will be donated to The Black Archives, an Amsterdam-based organisation focused on saving, maintaining and collecting this part of history.

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