What the FAQ

Got any questions? Here are some answers (non-religous ofcourse)

Regularly and irregularly! I don’t have fixed release dates (yet), but I do intend to frequently make new stuff and have new collabs.

Because the prints are in limited edition, it might happen that shirts in certain sizes are sold out. If you’re interested in a sold-out designs. Sufficed to say, I’m not above reprinting. If people like my stuff, who am I to be all exclusive about that. It does however mean that it might take a bit before I get around to it 🙂

If something really doesnt fit right of course you can. However, because OOAKI isn’t a multinational I can’t offer free sendbacks like the big chains do. And because the environment is precious, it would be best to only purchase if you intend to wear or use the product. This saves unnecessary shipping and lowers carbon emissions. Also, it might occur that a shirt is already sold out in a smaller or larger size when you want to trade. Let me know when a shirt doesn’t work out, and we’ll fix that shit together 🙂

I currently accept payment in the form of PayPal and Credit card, iDeal, Bancontact and Sofort. Let me know when your preferred method is not available or if something goes wrong.

Because printing is fun and I love to make people happy with my designs.

Haarlem, the Netherlands


Na, for real: I post stuff by regular mail a.s.a.p., so depending on where you live shouldn’t take too long.

Check out the homepage for the latest stuff, but other good ways to stay in the loop about designs and updates is by following us on Instagram or signing up for our newsletter!

We only get one planet, and it would be nice if we could all not be dicks about it/to each other. Therefor I commit this company to be as sustainable as possible.

The shirts are made by a company named Stanley/Stella which prides itself on being transparant, fair and sustainable. Read more about them here.

The printing itself is done by me. I buy my supplies as local as I can and print either at home or at a workplace. In that way you’re not only supporting me, but also other local businesses.

This dork: Mart. I love to design and print.

Technically that isn’t a question, but i’ll allow it!

Being that these shirts are hand printed, some changes in positioning, registration and color can occur. I do my best to make all the shirts as good and equal as possible, but that’s easier said than done.

Think of it like this: no one has the exact same shirt you have… isn’t that just braggadociously amazing?

By caressing and stroking it bi-weekly…

No, for real, the shirts have been cured (basically melted to the fabric) so they should be on there pretty solid. Even though, some fading and cracking may (and probably will) occur, just like with any other shirt. The best way is to wash inside out at a low temp (30C or 80-90F), don’t tumble dry, don’t iron.

I mean, that’s not supposed to happen. If your shirt does fray, or the print fades way too quick, let me know here and we’ll work something out!